The CARE Mural

Encouraging Creativity and Empowerment Through Art

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What's the care Mural?
Harbin Clinic, in partnership with Rome Mural CoLab and the YMCA of Rome and Floyd County, is proud to present The CARE Mural.

CARE stands for "Connecting All. Reaching Everyone" and is a reflection of Harbin Clinic's commitment to creating a respectful and inclusive organization both internally and externally. Engaging schools in Rome and Floyd County, elementary students will submit drawings choosing from provided prompts to spark their creativity. 

In an effort to ensure all children in Rome and Floyd County are given the opportunity to participate, instructional packets are being sent to all of the public and private schools in Rome and Floyd County. Entries can also be submitted online at the link below, or dropped off at the YMCA front desk. Selected entries will be used as inspiration and/or be included in the finished art beautify the walls of the Rome YMCA gym. All entries are due by May 14.


What we do

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Instructions for entries

Pick one from the three options below

  1. Express a time when you felt most loved.  (draw, write, paint or create a collage if you have the supplies)
  2. Draw, write about or paint yourself doing an activity that makes you feel healthy, active or strong.
  3. Show, write about, or draw what you feel excited about doing in your community (The things you like to do outside your home and/or activities with multiple people). Note: For example, things you do such as go to church, fish, paddle board on the river, etc.

Please provide your name, grade, school and the prompt number you picked or specify on your image.

All entries are due by May 14

The initiative will culminate with an unveiling celebration, tentatively scheduled for August 2021. 

Harbin Clinic is Georgia’s largest physician-owned, multi-specialty clinic with more than 220 providers across more than 30 specialties in 20 locations throughout Northwest Georgia.

Rome Mural CoLab is an initiative led by two local artists created to ignite public spaces and interest in Rome, Georgia through mural art—inspiring tourism, pride and community beautification.  

The Y is a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.