What's Get Pump'd for Kids?
Get PUMP’d for Kids is an exciting way to celebrate Halloween safely while raising money to support local children in foster care.

What we do

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How it Works

1. Purchase a Pumpkin Pal yard sign and place it in a friend or family member’s yard.

2. Bring a special treat to their door.

3. Surprise them with their Pumpkin Pal and candy treats.

When you buy a Pumpkin Pal for another deserving kiddo, you are also ensuring a child in foster care receives a special Halloween treat. Now that’s pretty sweet!

What is Get PUMP’d for Kids?

Get Pump’d for Kids is an exciting way to spread cheer while raising money to support children in foster care this Halloween season.

How does it work?

Purchase a Pumpkin Pal and stick the pumpkin themed yard sign in a friend’s yard. Bring a special treat to their door with your Pumpkin Pal tag attached. Now it’s their turn to purchase a Pumpkin Pal and pass on the Halloween excitement. For every Pumpkin Pal purchased, a special Halloween gift will be given to a child in foster care. All funds raised will be donated to four local organizations dedicated to serving children and families in their communities.

How do I get my Pumpkin Pal after purchasing one?

Your Pumpkin Pal confirmation will provide details on when and where to pick up, as each county will be different.

When can I buy a Pumpkin Pal?

Pumpkin Pals will be sold from October 3rd through October 28th.

For a donation of $25.00, you can
purchase one, or multiple Pumpkin Pals

Polk County

All funds raised will benefit the Polk Family Connection’s mission to create and support caring neighborhoods for all.

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Floyd County

All funds raised will benefit the Rome-Floyd Commission on Children and Youth’s mission to strengthen families and reduce child abuse & neglect.

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Bartow County

All funds raised will benefit Advocates for Children's mission to strengthening the community through education, advocacy, and prevention, and empowering families to be free from child abuse.

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Gordon County

All funds raised will benefit the Gordon County Child Advocacy Center's mission to combat all forms of child abuse through coordination, education, and provision of services.

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